Starting Over Again (2014)

Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual stars in a movie together for the very first time. It is a very much awaited team up between the two of them and many are looking forward for this movie that they will both work with together. Many years of waiting and the anticipation is finally building up as their new movie is set to fire up the fun and romantic excitement of the audience in - STARTING OVER AGAIN.


This movie is a romantic and dramatic movie as Toni and Piolo are directed by the one and the only Olivia M. Lamasan. Part of the 20 years of Star Cinema, this movie is set to captivate the hearts of the viewers.


Movie Plot:


The story is related to a series of events some 10 years ago in the lives of Ginny (Toni) and Marco (Piolo). Their love story did not start as an evident romance but it developed as Ginny kept pursuing the man of his dreams.


Marco was a teacher then and Ginny was just his student but Ginny’s feelings for Marco was never a secret. Everyone new it, and Ginny was proud of it. Until such time, during Ginny’s graduation did Marco tell everyone about his love for his student.

But things changed and Marco was left hanging because Ginny just left. With so many questions in mind, Marco writes an online love letter to Ginny giving her 10 years and when they see each other again, that is an enough time for them to mature and work things out again.
But after 10 years, did the feelings remain or did it change? Are their any news that would shock them both and will the meeting be pleasant or just awkward?

Starting Over Again Full Trailer

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