Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy (2013)

Vice Ganda proves that he is indeed “Unkabogable” as he again stages yet another blockbuster movie hit for the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival. He teams up with the blockbuster director, Wenn V. Deramas and works with Mariel Soriano, Joey Marquez and Ruffa Gutierrez.


Vice has proven that he deserves whatever he has now and again he conquers the big screen as he plans to fill the Christmas season with laughter and family fun in – GIRL BOY BAKLA TOMBOY.


Movie Plot


It is the movie to watch for the season. It is set to give you the wackiest, funniest and craziest time when enjoying the big screen. Vice plays four identical siblings who are all in search for love, acceptance and a family.


As their parents separate, the quadruplets (all played by Vice!) were separated into two. The girl and the boy were brought by their father to the US and the bakla (gay) and tomboy (lesbian) stayed in the Philippines with their mother. Things get a little complicated when they discover that the boy has a liver disease and should undergo a transplant. Because of this situation, they are forced to come home, reunite with their other siblings and their mother, and have the boy operated for the liver transplant.


The reunion is the reason why the siblings get together and share definitely hilarious events that may lead them to resolve their gap or not.



Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Full Trailer

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