Bride For Rent (2014)

The famous team up of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu is again set to entertain all their audience in their new movie entitled BRIDE FOR RENT. As they pair up once again, this movie is surely a blockbuster hit and will without a doubt be a trending topic in social medias. It has exceed the expectations of the audience at it has achieved a lot of milestones during its showing.

Under the direction of Mae Czarina Cruz, Star Cinema is set to produce and distribute the said movie. With an all-star cast, Bride for Rent is a must see for teens and adults alike. This is one of the most anticipated romantic comedy movies of the year.

Movie Plot:

When Rocco (Xian Lim) turns 25, he is set to receive his trust fund. On that day, he spends all of his money to partying, drinking and gambling. He has the aim of defeating his own father’s TV Commercial Production Company.

On the other hand, Rocky (Kim Chiu) has dilemmas of her own as she is in need of financial support in order to pay all her bills, pay her rent and pay her meals. If she finds no money, her family will be homeless.

Rocco wants to find a pretend wife and she meets Rocky. With a deal, Rocky agrees to be Rocco’s wife in exchange of a certain amount. They need to act like a real couple.

Things get a little more tricky when they have to face numerous problems that will challenge their deal and at the same time, they are introduced to the fact that they are slowly falling for each other every time that they are together.

Will the deal lead to something more than just a deal or will it complicate more things?


Bride For Rent Full Trailer

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