Basement (2014)

If you are the type of person who likes the thrill of horror movies, then you can surely go and see the new movie release entitled BASEMENT. The film is directed by Topel Lee and is a joint film project of Coffee House Productions and with Springboard Film Productions. It is exclusively distributed by GMA Films. It is set to be the Valentine movie offering of GMA.


Movie Plot:


A group of people gets stuck in what seems like an ordinary basement. Some`of them do not care about getting stuck because they think that they can safely go out of the basement in the morning.


The power is shut off  and that is when the strangest things in the basement happens. Many things are suddenly happening and no explanations suit such events. The people start to get creepy feelings but they cannot go out of the basement.


Things get worse starting from one death until it is followed by another. None of them don’t witness the killings and all of the things that they hear are only screams and shouts of those who are killed. They see all the dead bodies making them fear what is in store for them.


Then they figure out what is with them in the said basement. A creature that they cannot explain.


Basement (2014) Trailer

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