Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? (2013)

In celebration of Star Cinema’s 20 years in the Philippine movie industry, it has released yet another blockbuster romantic comedy movie in – BAKIT HINDI KA CRUSH NG CRUSH MO? This movie is a project of one of the country’s hottest love teams, Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. 


Directed by Joyce Bernal, this movie will surely tickle your laughter side and at the same time will give you romantic butterflies.


Movie Plot:


Sandy (Kim) is the most unusual person that you can meet in a hallway. Not trying to offend how she looks, but she is not the prettiest or even just pretty but she does think and bring herself as if she is the most beautiful human being on earth. Sandy is just dead in love with her boyfriend named Edgardo.


Then, Edgardo dumps her for a more gorgeous lady and Sandy is just devastated. Sandy suffers from a major heartbreak because the man who he thought would be his forever suddenly dumped him. And to make things worst, because of how Sandy dealt with the break-up she becomes less active and attentive to her work.


Alex (Xian) takes over the company where Sandy is working at. In order for the company to survive, it needs to cut short on employees and Sandy as broken as she is was one of the people who were removed from the position. But since Sandy is one of the best employees, she is hired again by Alex.


Alex promises a make over and not to make Sandy cry again, but will Alex be able to keep the promise? Where will this new bond lead?




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